Amazon Integration

Tired of manually entering orders into your Amazon Seller Central account? Streamline your workflow and save time by connecting your Amazon store with ShipShop. It’s quick and easy!

Connect your Amazon store to your ShipShop account

Simple Steps to Integrate

  • Go to Import.
  • Select Connect to Amazon Store.
  • Head on over to and log in with your Amazon Seller details.
  • Hit the “Authorize a Developer” button and enter the following details into the fields provided.
  • Developer Name: 
  • Developer Account No:
  • Click Next
  • Head on back to the ShipShop website and paste your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token into the designated fields.
  • Select your Amazon marketplace associated to your Amazon seller account.
  • Enter a Name and Save.
  • Head back to your ShipShop account and hit the ‘Amazon’ button in the ‘Import From Store’ section.

How Amazon Integration Works


Retrieve your orders and double-check all information is correct.


Generate and print out your shipping labels.

Drop It Off

Drop off your package or arrange for pick-up service with ShipShop.

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