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Ready to take your business to the next level? With ShipShop, you can expand your reach and take your business to a global stage. It’s the perfect way to grow your market and get your products out to more countries than ever before.


ShipShop has partnered with APC Logistics and PostNL to make sure you get the fastest, most reliable international shipping from Canada. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to expand your market and take your business global!


Discover unbeatable international shipping prices from Canada with us! Get the most competitive rates around and save big.

From Toronto to

National Carrier


London, England 4oz (113g)


$5.63 (86% OFF)

Hong Kong 15oz (425g)


$11.45 (80% OFF)

Sydney, Australia 4oz (113g)


$10.55 (82% OFF)




Delivery Time

6-10 business days

4-12 business days

Prices shown in CAD.

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Prohibited and Restricted Items

ShipShop is committed to getting your shipments to their destination safely and on time. To ensure this, we ask that you adhere to our rules and regulations in order to prevent any unwanted delays.

How International Shipping Works

Print & Pay

Easily print labels and pay for shipping right from your ShipShop account – no fuss, no muss!

Pick-up or Drop off

We’ve got you covered! Swing by one of our spots in Ontario and drop off your stuff, or we can come pick it up.

Customs Clearance

ShipShop makes crossing the border a breeze. We’ll handle the customs and deliver your shipment to our awesome partner, PostNL or APC Logistics. No more worries – we’ve got you covered!


Once your shipment arrives in the destination country, it’s handed off to the local postal authorities so it can make its way to your customer.

International Shipping services offered by ShipShop

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