Same Day Delivery

We help you deliver your products to your customers within the same-day!! We offer same-day delivery across major cities like Ottawa, Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver, Quebec City, Saint John, Niagara Falls, Winnipeg and many more. As long the shipment is within the radius of 15 miles or 25 km from the pickup location.


Experience the convenience and reliability of our same day delivery services for all major cities across Canada. Let us handle your shipments while you focus on growing your business.

How Same Day Delivery Works

Our same-day delivery utilizes AI tools to optimize fastest way to get your parcel from point A to point B within a radium of 15 miles or 25 km. We will take care of your logistics while you grow your business.


No. The same day delivery service is only available for a radius of 15 miles or 25 km from your store. 

Any pickup between 7AM and 10PM will be delivered on the same.

*Pickup times are regulated by partner shipping service providers and are subject to change. Pickup times from respective courier services will provided to you before you request a pickup.

We provide competitive pricing that makes our same day delivery service rates very affordable in comparison to regular delivery. 

When you generate your shipping quote with ShipShop. We check the distance automatically and let you if the location is within the radius for same day delivery.

No. Same day delivery ensures that the parcel gets delivered on the same day. Whereas, one day delivery means that the parcel will be delivered within 24hrs to 48hrs.

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Prohibited and Restricted Items

ShipShop is committed to getting your shipments to their destination safely and on time. To ensure this, we ask that you adhere to our rules and regulations in order to prevent any unwanted delays.

Benefits of Same Day Delivery

Increased Efficiency

Same day delivery service offer a significant boost to operational efficiency. By ensuring prompt and timely delivery of packages, businesses can streamline their processes, reduce delays, and optimize their supply chain management.

Customer Satisfaction

Meeting the demands of customers in today’s fast-paced world is crucial. Same day delivery allows businesses to exceed customer expectations by providing speedy delivery, enhancing their overall satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat customers and recommend your services to others.

Competitive Edge

In a highly competitive market, offering same day delivery can give your business a distinct advantage. It sets you apart from competitors who may offer slower delivery options, positioning your brand as reliable, efficient, and customer-centric. This competitive edge can help attract and retain more customers.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Same day delivery services offer businesses the flexibility to adapt to dynamic situations. Whether it’s urgent documents, time-sensitive shipments, or unforeseen emergencies, having a reliable same day delivery option allows businesses to respond quickly and effectively.

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