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ShipShop provides comprehensive coverage for Canadian online sellers, at the most competitive prices in the market. Enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing your shipments are secure from any potential risks.

Protecting every package

Secure your shipments for just $0.39 CAD. Protect your goods with ease!

Quick Claim Redressal

Receive a rapid refund with our industry-leading 3 to 5 business day processing time for all claims. Our protection plan is designed to provide you with peace of mind so that you can shop with confidence.

Process Claims Online

A streamlined online claims process, managed exclusively by our knowledgeable in-house team. No need to involve any third parties - simply get in touch with us and we'll take care of the rest!

Complete coverage assurance

Secure your declared value with comprehensive coverage against any external risks of physical loss or damage during transit.

Flat-rate pricing model

No matter your parcel's destination, ShipShop offers a simple, flat-rate pricing system. Our comprehensive coverage spans domestic shipping within Canada, all the way to international destinations.


For US and Canadian shipments, our rates provide up to $300 of coverage. The first $100 of declared value is charged at $0.39, with each additional $100 or fraction thereof charged at $1.49. Invest in reliable protection for your shipments today.

For International Shipping services, we offer competitive rates of $0.99 for the first $100 of declared value, and $1.49 for each additional $100 or fraction thereof over the first $100 of coverage. Get up to $300 of protection with our reliable services.

Standard Carrier


Protect $100



Protect $300



All prices listed are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Other carriers may use US Dollars (USD) for calculation, which is then converted to CAD using the 2019 annual exchange rate from the Bank of Canada. The rates provided are for both US and Canadian Shipping services.

Terms and Conditions

ShipShop offers a Package Protection Program for eligible postage printed through our platform, with a maximum declared value of $300 CAD.

To take advantage of this coverage, shipments must be received by ShipShop.

For more information about the program, including exclusions and the claims process, please visit our support page.

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